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LVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump

LVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump

LVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump
LVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pumpLVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pumpLVR300 High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump
CategoriesVacuum Pump
Product nameroots vacuum pump
Applicationlighting, solar energy, semiconductor manufacturing equipment etc.
Motor Power3.7KW
Phasethree phase
Oil Required2.0L
Rotating Speed2950r/min
FOB portNingbo China
Terms of PaymentT/T
Update Time2021-07-23
Detail Information

LVR300High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump

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Products Attributes:

? ? ? ? ? ??Product name: roots vacuum pump

??????????? Application: lighting, solarenergy, semiconductor manufacturing equipment etc.

??????????? Motor Power: 3.7KW

??????????? Phase: three phase

??????????? Material: aluminum

??????????? Voltage: 380V

??????????? Oil Required: 2.0L

??????????? Weight: 115kgs

??????????? Rotating Speed: 2950r/min

? ? ? ? ? ??Dimension: 962mm*415mm*362mm



LVR300High Quality roots pump Roots vacuum pump

Rootsvacuum pump is mainly composed of 8-shaped rotors which synchronous rotate withhigh speed and two semi-circular chambers. It can improve the pumping rate aswell as vacuum degree greatly in effective working limit when combines withScrew vacuum pumps, rotary vane pumps, and rotary plunger pump etc.


1.No lubricating oil in the pump chamber, get high purity vacuum.

2.Rotors made in MAZAK machining center and KAPP machine tools, have thecharacteristic of good geometric symmetry, low noise and long service life.

3.Aluminum alloy pump body, good for corrosion resistance and lose heat quickly.

4.Compacted structure, small size and light weight, quick start.



Note: thedata of Ultimate Pressure is measured with Pirani gage, if use the Mcleod gagethe data should be 1×10-2 Pa.


Installation Diagram:


Lighting,solar energy, electronics, semiconductor, vacuum drying, vacuum casting,testing equipment, vacuum melting, vacuum degassing, vacuum coating industries,chemical pharmaceutical industry vacuum distillation.

Production& Inspection Equipment:

?We have modern standard workshop, a number of professional production lines, advancedproduction and testing equipment, a number of efficient technical R&D andproduction management team, as well as the scale productivity and perfectproduct quality control system.



Ningbo Lary Industry Technology Co., Ltd is ajoint venture with Portugal TECNIROLO Engenharia Industrial S.A. Lary is anengineering & manufacturing enterprise which inherits the concept ofproviding customers with best services in Europe for more than twenty years.?TecniRolo - Portugal andLary Industry - China are a group of companies that work as a global solutionprovider for an international network over of 16 countries.




Paymentsand Delivering:

Payments: 40% depositby T/T?after confirming thedrawings and 60% balance?by T/T?before delivery.

Delivering: 90 -120 daysafter we confirmed both side.


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Amy Ren

Ningbo Lary IndustryTechnology Co., Ltd.


Add: No.9 East ofJingu middle Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, China

Web: www.larytec.com?



Mob: 0086-13958255267



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